SolarCleano Solar Panel Cleaning Robots

Cutting-edge technology for efficient, cost-saving solar panel cleaning at scale.

solar panel cleaning robot australia

Works on all panels

Reduces labour costs

Cleans up to 1500m2/hr

The SolarCleano Product Range

Robotic solar cleaning solutions to meet every challenge.

industrial solar panel cleaning equipment

SolarCleano F1

industrial solar panel cleaning equipment

SolarCleano M1

industrial solar panel cleaning equipment

SolarCleano T1

industrial solar panel cleaning equipment

SolarCleano B1

Australia’s Official SolarCleano Distributor

Solar Shine Australia has partnered with SolarCleano as Australia’s authorised distributor for this cutting-edge technology.

The SolarCleano F1

Your All-In-One Solar Panel Cleaning Solution.

The SolarCleano F1 is a remote-controlled solar panel cleaning robot with the highest cleaning capacity on the market.

It is suitable for wet and dry cleaning on any type of solar installation.

Here are just some of the features of the F1:

Fastest robot on the market – up to 1,600m²/h

1 robot = 2 MW = 1 day = 1 person

For wet and dry solar panel cleaning

Easily crosses any gap up to 70 cm

Specialised pads clean at a 25° angle with water

The SolarCleano M1

Ultra Lightweight and Versatile Mini Solar Robot.

The SolarCleano M1 makes your life easier thanks to its mini size and weight. An alternative solar panel cleaning solution to your solar PV installations.

Capable of both water and waterless cleaning, this solar robot is remote-controlled and battery-powered.

Small and light (27kg without brushes)

Cleaning capacity up to 800m²/h

Water and waterless solar panel cleaning robot for all panel systems

Clean with only 1 operator

For smaller installations, glass roof, and window cleaning

solarcleano m1 robot australia

The SolarCleano T1

Don’t Feel Like Carrying the Robot? Leave the Job to the Transporter.

The SolarCleano T1 is specially developed to transport your F1, M1, and F1A from one panel row to the next.

With one single operator, you can now clean up to 4 MW per day without even carrying your solar cleaning robot around. 

Designed for any ground-based power plant

    Maximum tilt of 25° for seamless operation

      Ready for all ground conditions

        Save your time and energy

        The SolarCleano B1

        Solarbridge – The Future of Solar Farm Cleaning.

        The SolarCleano B1 is by far the biggest, fastest, and smartest robot ever created by SolarCleano.

        Loaded with advanced technology features, this revolutionary robot is a game changer for the cleaning of utility-scale power plants worldwide.

        Remote-controlled robot

        For wet and dry solar panel cleaning

        Solution to ground-based utility-scale solar farms

        Cleaning capacity up to 8MW per day

        solarcleano b1 robot australia

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