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Solar Care Plan By Solar Shine Australia

What is a Solar Care Plan?

Our Solar Care Plans are designed to give you custom insights on the needs and maintenance of your solar panels to ensure you are generating as much solar power as possible.

Our experienced and trained team will assess a number of factors to give a professional opinion and recommendations on how you can generate more power, keep your warranty valid and extend the lifetime of your solar panels. Solar panels being expensive, and making you money, means that if you are not planning for the future of your panels, you are potentially losing thousands of dollars over time.

Why do I need a Solar Care Plan?

Solar care is not something that is one size fits all. Every solar system is set up differently, are on different angles, are in different areas and have different surroundings meaning there is potentially hundreds of contributors that could play in to why, how and when your solar panels need servicing.

What does a consultation cost?

Your Solar Care Plan is free with all Solar Shine Australia services.

Get the most from your solar panels, for longer.

*FREE solar care plan with all Solar Shine Australia services!