With most panels being on the roof and out of sight, solar panel maintenance is often something that slips home owners minds. Unfortunately, this means that an unthinkable amount of money is being lost where solar systems are not producing as much power as they can be.

The cells inside a solar panel are protected by a large pane of glass that collects dirt and pollen, amongst other things, and gets dirty over time. Simply put, the dirtier the piece of glass, the less sunlight that gets through. Meaning your solar panels are producing less energy than they can be, and will likely have a shorter lifetime.

One of the biggest problems around the home when it comes to solar panels on the roof is nesting pigeons. Birds not only leave a mess on top of your panels, they can create a build up of leaves, grass and sticks under the panels that not only is likely to damage your wiring and pose a health risk, but it presents a fire hazard, having dry material and high voltage electricity running in such a small space.

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Solar panel cleaning

Our solar panel cleaning service is second to none in quality. We DO NOT use any chemicals as recommended by solar manufacturers and have processes in place to ensure quality, safety and care every step of the way.

Bird proofing

Solar Shine Australia can help stop birds and rodents nesting under and around your panels. We use PVC coated stainless steel mesh with specially designed nylon clips that wont void the warranty of your solar panels.

Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Keep your panels working harder, for longer!
Bird Proofing Solar Skirt Installation
  • Get rid of those pesky birds for good!
  • Contact us for a quote and receive a free solar panel clean with your installation

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