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We’re Making It Easy for Solar Professionals to Access the Best Tools.

If you are currently working in the solar panel operations & maintenance space – you have come to the right place.

We’re Australia’s industry-leading solar maintenance providers and are making it easy for you to access the best products from around the globe.

As solar panel cleaners ourselves – we know how difficult it is to get access to quality products and the most efficient technology.

That’s why we have partnered up with global innovators to bring these products to Australia – and make your life easier as a solar professional.


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As solar panel maintenance providers ourselves – we only use and distribute the highest quality products.

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Solar Siphon

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Vexo SolarGuard

The Solar Siphon

Minimise Soiling & Maximise Power.

Due to the slightly higher positioned edge of some panels, morning dew and rain can stay stagnant and not drain away in time.

When that stagnant water dries up, it results in a build-up of dirt in the typical soiling bands. The accumulation of dirt can have dramatic consequences on the proper functioning of the photovoltaic system, including:

  • Heavily reduced photovoltaic panel power generation
  • Forming of shading and hot spots on the panel, and;
  • A reduced panel lifespan.

This can be easily avoided with the easy installation of the Solar Siphon clips.

They only take a few seconds to install, can fit on any size of solar frame, and can increase the lifespan of panels!

See The Solar Siphon In Action

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Vexo SolarGuard

The Best Defense Against Birds.

The Vexo Solar Guard is the best panel protector for birds and other pests. It is a mesh barrier that is extremely effective at keeping birds from nesting underneath solar panels.

With the Vexo Solar Guard, you get a mesh kit made from stainless steel coated in thick protective PVC coating.

It is UV resistant and secured with proprietary designed nylon fasteners. For worry-free solar panel protection, this solar panel mesh securely safeguards the panels without damaging or voiding the panel warranty.

Here are just some of the features of the Vexo SolarGuard:

Durable PVC coated stainless steel mesh to last under Australian weather

Securely fastens against panel without marking or damaging panel, protecting panel warranty

Simple and secure DIY installation

UV resistant nylon fasteners

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