Commercial solar panel cleaning

kW & MW solar panel cleaning solutions to increase energy efficiency and guarantee panel longevity.

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Increase Efficiency

Ensure Longevity

Get a better roi

The Difference Cleaning Can Make

Why You Need To Clean Solar Panels

To be sustainable, it must be maintainable.

Just like any investment you wish to last the test of time and perform at its best, solar panels need regular cleaning and checks.

With the demand for energy and renewables, plus the rising cost of power, it is not just the capital investment of the system you are protecting; it is also your bottom line.

All solar manufacturers recommend regular cleaning to prevent loss of production and increased rates of degradation, so don’t just take our word for it; look at the data provided from extensive testing.

Sunlight reflection diminishes with dirt and reduces the absorption of solar energy on photovoltaic cells by up to 30%!

As a result, you can expect to see a significant boost to your ROI from regular cleaning.

The Best Results Possible

Our All-In-One Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Solution

To get the best, we bring the best.

With benchmark quality + 20% more cleaning capacity than other similar robots on the market, Solar Shine Australia, powered by SolarCleano technology, offer quick, efficient and cost-effective solutions
for cleaning solar panels from kW to MW.

Our robots have been designed by cleaners & engineered by the industry’s best, tackling head-on the challenges faced by soiling & decreased efficiency so plant owners can get the best performance and longevity from their solar investment.

Our team & equipment can access hard-to-reach places or even places where operators cannot go using traditional cleaning methods.

With our robot’s innovative design & features, the operator is also able to remove many of the common risks associated with solar panel cleaning by operating the robots remotely from the ground or utilizing FPV technology.

Solar Shine Australia is an official partner of SolarCleano and has worked to bring some of the first
robots to the Australian solar cleaning market. Check out this article by EcoVoice about our partnership.

Real Before And After Example

For a large-scale panel setup, regularly cleaning your solar panels is the only way to ensure they are operating at maximum efficiency (and producing the best ROI).

Below is a real life example of a commercial setup of solar panels energy output before and after cleaning with the F1 Solarcleano robot.

See The F1 In Action

Watch the video below to see the Solarcleano F1 robot in action.

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The Solar Shine Difference

Why Solar Shine Australia?

When you schedule a solar panel cleaning service with Solar Shine Australia, we go above and beyond to ensure that you are getting the most from your solar energy investment over the lifetime of your panels.

Our cleaning process coupled with our inspections and future planning gives you the best visibility on the state of your solar energy investment. This allows you to plan and forecast for repairs, maintenance, replacements, and other costs associated with running a commercial solar system to maximise return.

We do not repair or install solar panels, so we do not benefit from reporting on faults or damage. Commercial solar installers may exaggerate faults to get you to buy new panels… we don’t! 

We give a professional and honest opinion on the condition of your panels so you know the state of your system and warranty, and get a maximum ROI.

Get your solar panel setup operating at peak efficiency.