Birds are bad news for solar panels

Birds can be one of the biggest downfalls to owning solar panels.

They bring nesting material which can become a fire hazard; lice and toxic droppings that carry health risks; damage your wiring which a warranty will not cover; and reduce your power output with the mess they leave on top of your panels.
Some homing birds like pigeons will always return to their “home” (your panels), so trying to chase them with the hose, hanging shining objects or fake predators might deter them for a short time, maybe, but once the birds work out that there is no threat, they will return.

If you decide not to birdproof your solar panels, the future expenses and headache of dealing with the issue can be costly.
If birds have nested under your solar panels for some time, the build-up of droppings and nesting material can cause a backflow leak in your roof, a fire hazard, or worse; you will be up for thousands of dollars to remove and re-install your panels once the bird mess is cleared.

keeping birds from nesting under your solar panels

To prevent birds from nesting under your solar panels, you need to introduce a physical barrier.

Solar Shine Australia is one of only 2 Accredited Vexo mesh installers in South West Sydney.

Solar Shine Australia installs purpose-made solar skirts designed to protect solar panels without damaging them or voiding the warranty.
Our Australian-made Vexo solar skirts are a stainless steel welded mesh coated with a UV-resistant PVC. We use specially designed clips made of 100% UV-resistant nylon to stand up against the harsh Australian climate for years to come.

“The pigeons have been gone for over 12 months now, and I have even had Solar Shine back for an annual clean and inspection since.  I would recommend them to anyone that needs their services.”

– Solar Shine Australia customer Steve

Choosing the right business

Solar Shine Australia offer Solar panel bird proofing & solar panel maintenance services ONLY.

Solar panel bird proofing and maintenance is not an add on service for us; it is the core of the business and our sole focus, which allows us to be the best.

As a Clean Energy Council member and an Accredited Vexo mesh installer, Solar Shine Australia have the tools, experience, and confidence of industry leaders to give you a high-quality service at a reasonable cost.

Peter WardPeter Ward
09:44 30 Mar 22
Solar shine were punctual and professional and left the area clean.
Andrew BrienAndrew Brien
22:17 02 Sep 21
Andrew was prompt with providing me a quote, and accommodating with his scheduling of my work request.The work was performed exceptionally well, very happy with the high standard of work performed. I will definitely be referring Solar Shine Australia on to friends and family who may need their services.And I will certainly be calling on their services again.Thanks again Solar Shine
Craig HardimanCraig Hardiman
02:46 28 Aug 21
Andrew was on time and professional, leaving my Solar Panels sparkling clean ready to operate at their peak efficiency. This is the second time I have used Solar Shine. I would have no hesitation to recommend Andrew and his team for all your Solar Panel cleaning need.
Robert TonkliRobert Tonkli
02:24 18 Aug 21
Andrew provided great service at a very good price. He was punctual, provided great advice and did a great job. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to bird proof their solar installation.
Rohan BurchallRohan Burchall
22:14 07 Jul 21
Very professional & helpful, great job & good value. A pleasure to deal with & very easy. Will recommend to friends, family & neighbours.

Solar Shine Australia’s additional services

Solar Shine Australia aims to bring a holistic service to the market for solar panel preventative maintenance.

In addition to our solar panel bird proofing service, we offer solar panel cleaning, solar panel safety inspections, Solar production modelling and long term solar care planning.
These services can be bundled together with our premium preventative maintenance product, the Shine&Save membership.

The Shine&Save membership gives members annual maintenance and access to several benefits, discounts and additional services for a small monthly fee. This provides the member with the opportunity to pay their fees as they are saving on power and acts somewhat like an insurance policy on the power production of your solar.
We aim to bring you the customer the knowledge and insight to get the most from your solar investment for many years.

When all else fails call the professionals

Steve from Raby spent months trying to get rid of pigeons from under his solar panels and felt like he had tried just about everything he could to move the birds on.
Fortunately, Steve came across Solar Shine Australia’s bird proofing services on Facebook and finally got the ball rolling to reclaim his home from the pesky pigeons.

“I felt like I was at my wit’s end, I had chased the birds with a hose, installed bird spikes, used bird proof gel and even had an electric bird deterrent installed, but nothing seemed to work”.

-Solar Shine Australia customer Steve

Solar Shine Australia could feel Steve’s frustration and knew they had to help quickly.
Within a week, Solar Shine Australia was at Steve’s home to install solar skirts and birdproof his solar panels with Vexo solar bird proofing mesh.
Steve said, “It’s hard to get a response from many tradies, so I was pleasantly surprised when Solar Shine was quick to respond and book my service.”
“The pigeons have been gone for over 12 months now, and I have even had Solar Shine back for an annual clean and inspection since. I would recommend them to anyone that needs their services.”
At Solar Shine Australia, we aim to make the process easy for you, give you a quality service at a reasonable price, and tailor your service to your needs and expectations.
If you are in the same situation as Steve or want to prevent getting to that stage, contact us today and reclaim your home.

Solar panel bird proofing FAQ’s

Why do birds love my solar panels?

Birds are attracted to solar panels for several reasons.
The space under your solar panels provides a place of refuge for birds to escape the rain, the sun, predators and the cold. The brackets that run underneath the panels are a perfect prop for birds to start building a nest against without it sliding off the roof, and the warmth generated by solar panels is ideal for breeding.
Homing birds like pigeons will always return to this spot unless a physical barrier like solar skirts is present.

Are bird proofing solar skirts compliant with my solar warranty?

Solar skirts are specifically developed for solar panels with warranties at the forefront of design. The clipping mechanism prevents using adhesives or drilling into your panels, which is very dangerous and will void your warranty.
Solar skirts can be removed and re-installed if the wiring underneath needs to be accessed.

What are solar skirts made of and how long will it last?

Solar Shine Australia exclusively uses Vexo solar skirts made here in Australia for the harsh Australian climate.
Our solar skirt mesh is a stainless steel welded mesh with a UV resistant PVC coating, and our clipping mechanisms are made of UV resistant 100% nylon.
The quality and purpose of these solar skirts mean that they last the test of time against harsh conditions and protect your solar panels for many years to come.
There are some cheap and nasty alternatives to Vexo solar skirts, but you will find that using one of those products will likely cost you more in the long run when they fail and have to be replaced.

How much does solar skirt installation cost?

Solar Shine Australia like to offer a fair and reasonable price for all services.
With several variables playing into quotes, it is preferred that you enquire for a quick and easy quote by clicking here: Link to quote.

What if I don’t bird proof my solar panels?

If you do not birdproof your solar panels, the decision could haunt you in the long run. Birds love to nest under solar panels, and it is a matter of time before they find the cavity under your panels bringing with them disease, lice, droppings, nesting materials and relentless noise.
If left long enough, birds will create such a build-up under your panels; your only option will be to have them removed to clear the mess and then re-installed. This is a very costly exercise, and it can be pretty tricky to find a solar expert that will take on the burden of the service.

Who is best to install solar skirts?

A few different industries may install solar skirts, but none specialise in bird proofing AND solar.
Installing over 30KM of solar skirts a year, Solar Shine Australia is experienced in working with solar panels and bird proofing, meaning that they can offer the best of both worlds.
Solar Shine Australia is a member of the Clean Energy Council and is an Accredited Vexo solar skirt installer.

More and more solar panels are being installed every day across the country, and we are seeing issues with nesting birds rise rapidly. With a long list of problems and hazards that birds can create, bird proofing is something that every solar owner should think about.
Protect your home, warranty and solar panel investment by contacting us today!