Birds are one of the biggest headaches when it comes to solar panels on your roof.

Not only do they leave droppings on top of your panels reducing the power output of your system, but they also pose a health risk with droppings and bird lice, as well as creating a fire hazard by gathering dry materials such as sticks and grass underneath your panels.

Who should get solar skirts installed?

We recommend having solar skirts installed on ALL solar panels as a preventative measure as opposed to a reaction to birds nesting. We recommend this because we see a lot of homes with a dangerous amount of build up from birds every week, and home owners are genuinely surprised at how bad the issue is. By installing solar skirts, you will be eliminating the problem before it gets serious and removing the temptation for birds to nest in the cavity under your solar panels.

Being homing birds, pigeons will always return if they can still get under your panels.

Our product

We use quality Australian made products designed specifically for solar panels and the harsh Australian environment. Our skirting is made of stainless steel welded mesh with a UV resistant PVC coating, and we use specially designed nylon clips so there is no drilling or screwing required – which would void your warranty on your solar panels.

Solar Shine Australia is 1 of only 9 Accredited installers of Vexo solar skirts in New South Wles.

All of our solar skirt installations come with a FREE solar panel clean, 8-point panel inspection and a solar care plan to help you understand the condition of your panels and guide you through maintaining them. For more on our cleaning process and inspections CLICK HERE